About me

Magic ingredient

Head of Marketing and an expert in strategic, commercial, performance and growth marketing.  Including sales, communications and customer experience for over 15 years.  leading companies in the fields of consumer products, electronics, Telco, Education, Training, Retail, E-commerce, F&B, B2B, B2C, B2G, SaaS, healthcare and home appliances in multiple countries.

I am passionate about building and leading good brands that deliver value and satisfaction to customers and stakeholders.


“ I  Do  Believe  That  Branding  Leads  Marketing.  Every  Successful Business  Is  Built  On  The  Foundation  Of  A  Solid  Brand.  From  The Identity To The Customer Experience And The Way Customers Engage With  Your  Brand.
Always-on Is A Key-pillar To Success In A Digital World”..

For the sake of perfection

Education Background

Member of CIM | Chartered Marketing institute | FCIM

Digital Strategies | Leading the next generation Enterprise | EMERITUS

Bachelor’s degree of Computer Engineering | AUL

Master of Business Administration | MBA in Marketing | AUL

Member of AMA | American Marketing Association

Google Certified | Google Ads | Measurements Certification

Google Certified | Google Ads | Search Certification

Google Certified | Google Creative

Open Learn | Marketing communications as a strategic function

Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Customer Experience Management

Social Media Marketing Certification

Inbound Certification

Apple certified Sales trainer

Experience & success partners

my journey that I am proud of

Electronics & Home Appliances


Healthcare, fitness & beauty

Education & Training

SaaS, e-commerce & Apps